The company possesses experience and skills to design, develop, deploy and maintain to large software projects. It's strength lies in its project management including quality assurance, well-defined maintenance mechanism, and custom built tools and methodologies.


At Echo Resources, our mission is to provide pragmatic and cost effective IT solutions that deliver predetermined and tangible results. Creating and distributing opportunities and wealth through meticulous planning, improvised services and exploiting new avenues in the field of IT.

Our Values

Our interaction with our clients directs us to provide what we have set out to and drives business renovation for our clients with an understandable value system. Indeed, Echoresources treats each problem as a first step towards finding a solution. Certainly, when encountered with a problem we focus on a solution to the problem. Echoresources makes quality a value driver in its work, products and interactions. Our services obey with appropriate national and international regulations and legislations.

Meet our Team

Our team make sure on time delivery with high quality

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Our team say's

The only way to survive in our competitive world is by obtaining full customer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of high quality products and services.


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